Temp Track

A reel expert can tackle anything

From February until April, our Citizen Scientist’s are tracking the temperature of popular fishing holes on the Coosa. Having a good understanding of when and why the fish are moving shallow can assist in catching your limit.   

Become an expert on how fish react to their environment during the different seasons by following temp track!


Temperature: 40°-55°F

What’s going on? The pre-spawn feeding time is how bass make it through the spawn (period where they lay eggs), where they may not eat for up to 14 days.

Location: Wider & deeper points of the river, leading into a cut or small shallow cove.

Behavior: Feeding as much as possible to prepare for the stressful act of spawning.


Temperature: 55-65°F

What’s going on? At this time, male fish will find a suitable nesting area and prepare it for mating. Then the male bass circles the humble home slowly and waits for a mate.

Location: Shallow bays at the back of coves.

Behavior: Bass are extremely aggressive to protect their nests.


Temperature: 65°+

What’s going on? When the bass have accomplished their “goals” of the spawn, they head back out to deeper waters on the main channel to enjoy the summer.

Location: Deeper waters, main channel.

Behavior: High energy, looking to feed.

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