Swim Guide Sampler


We are seeking three individuals that love to drive & have a passion for swimmable waters to lead one of three Swim Guide Routes. This position will require availability on Thursdays from 9-5. This internship is unpaid, but we are happy to help with any documentation needed for you to receive class credit. We also offer a weekly meal allowance + reimbursement of mileage on vehicle (about .54/mile). 


accepting APPLICATIONS starting in SPRING

Forming professional relationships was a very enjoyable experience for me. Also getting to travel around the river trying to make a difference every week was awesome.

James | Sampler 2018


Driving up to 300 miles in a day, with intermittent stops 


Input data into spreadsheet 


Prepare cooler with all supplies needed for a successful trip 


Participate in outreach events at local restaurants


Research & write Blog Posts relating to swimmable waters



Ability to lift and carry cooler of ice, and bend over to collect samples up to 30 times per day


Strong communication skills 


Willingness to drive their own car up to 400 miles per week to collect samples (mileage is reimbursed at a rate of approximately $0.54/mile and weekly mileage typically be 200 miles per week