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Become a Citizen Scientist

Want to be a Citizen Scientist?

Follow these simple steps & you’ll be on your way to adding “Citizen Scientist” to your resume!

  1. Ask yourself, “do I have access to a dock where I can take water temperature on the Coosa?”
  2. If yes, then you have everything you need! We will supply you with the rest! Sign up below, and within 2 weeks, you’ll receive your Welcome Packet + Thermometer + Secchi Disc.

***Please note that it will take 2-3 weeks for your packet to arrive in the mail!***


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CSI, a Citizen Science Initiative

Help us solve the watersheds threats through regular data collection! 

A river you can’t swim, fish or drink out of? That sounds like a crime to us!

We understand that rivers are constantly changing, so we want to make sure we are keeping accurate data on those changes. So, what more efficient & costly way to collect data, than to utilize those who LIVE on the river? Want to jump into the movement?


Follow these simple steps to become a CSI agent…

  • Purchase THIS packet in the store.
  • Fill out this form.
  • Receive your tools & welcome packet in 2-3 weeks.
  • Get tracking!

A river never stops flowing, so CSI never stops going! Our Citizen Scientists take data throughout the year, but we understand if you miss a few weeks here and there!

What are the qualifications to be a CSI agent, you ask? 

  1. You must have regular access to a dock on a major tributary to the Coosa (a creek) or one of her lakes (Weiss, Neely Henry, Logan Martin, Lay, Mitchell & Jordan) where you can take temperature & turbidity readings.
  2. Access to email or a smart phone capable of downloading apps.
  3. A passion for keeping our waterways swimmable, drinkable & fishable! 

Here are a few things  that your Citizen Scientist packet will include…


Our Citizen Scientists impact fishermen & the river by taking regular readings!

  1. Fishermen can use this information to better understand the changing river conditions during the spawning season. Check out Temp Track!
  2. We can use the data to track average water temperatures through the years to determine how seasonality may effect our waterways.

Secchi Disk

We’re in the business of keeping our waterways blue. A Secchi disk can help us keep track of water clarity! 

The Coosa receives a substantial amount of fertilizer run off from near by farms. This causes an over nutrient problem, because it gives algae an optimal growing habitat. Algae sucks up all the available oxygen, resulting in fish kills and can produce harmful toxins, like Cyanobacteria, which can make for dangerous swimming conditions.

Your packet will also include instructions on how to take accurate readings & how your data will be uploaded to our website! 

A few minutes out of your day makes a clean waterway!


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