Lake Neely Henry

Lake Neely Henry was impounded in 1966, making it the newest lake on the Coosa. The lake covers 11,200 acres with 339 miles of shoreline. The cities of Gadsden, Rainbow City, Southside, and Glencoe are all along the waterfront of Lake Neely Henry. Lake Neely Henry has a wonderful assortment of creeks that flow into it which are popular for paddling including Terrapin, Big Wills, and Big Canoe Creeks. It is also home to the historic town of Greensport, much of which is now underwater, but was an important stop on the river prior to the construction of Neely Henry Dam.


2018: a year at a glance

Learn why 2018 has been a great year by reading the blog post below and be sure to check out our infographic that shows all of this year’s successes! Hundreds of thousands of folks use the Coosa each year to cool off during the summer, to provide supper, to create…

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Getting to Know the Coosa, Big Canoe Creek

With the watershed spanning over 5,000 square miles and 220 miles of river, getting to know the Coosa and her creeks is a lengthy project. “Getting to Know the Coosa” is a series of blog posts that will be highlighting special areas on the Coosa River. These posts are written by…

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How to Use Temp Track to Catch Bass

Chuck Graham just won $10,000 at the Alabama Bass Trail Lay Lake stop. Chuck helped us develop the Temp Track program, where dozens of volunteer monitors report water temperatures during the peak fishing season. He uses Temp Track himself to stay in tune with the spring rise in water temperatures…

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Removing Goodwin’s Mill Dam

We set Big Canoe Creek free in November 2013 for the first time in 130 years by removing Goodwin’s Mill Dam! Check out our short video highlighting the history of the dam and actual footage of the dam removal and bank restoration! Big Canoe Creek is an important tributary to the Coosa. Removing…

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