Lake Jordan

Lake Jordan was completed in 1928. It is a 6,800 acre lake with 188 miles of shoreline. The lake was modified in the late 60’s when Walter Bouldin dam was constructed, meaning that Lake Jordan actually has two dams from which the flow can be controlled. Bouldin Dam was breached in the mid 70’s and later repaired. Major tributaries to Lake Jordan include Weoka and Sofkahatchee Creeks. After Lake Jordan, the Coosa ends just past Wetumpka when it meets the Tallapoosa River and becomes the Alabama River.

How to Use Temp Track to Catch Bass

Chuck Graham just won $10,000 at the Alabama Bass Trail Lay Lake stop. Chuck helped us develop the Temp Track program, where dozens of volunteer monitors report water temperatures during the peak fishing season. He uses Temp Track himself to stay in tune with the spring rise in water temperatures…

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