oxford wastewater chitwo#99 copyUsing a variety of watercraft, including the Laura Moore II, our staff Riverkeeper patrols 5 lakes and dozens of creeks in order to document both pollution and beauty and stay in tune with what’s happening on the river. We also depend on our members and the general public to report pollution when they see it.

We collect water quality samples and analyze them in the lab we have set up in our office, and occasionally at a professional lab. We test the river for temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and E. coli, among others, and post the results to our website for anyone to see.

When we discover an issue, we seek to resolve it. That can be anything from working with state and federal agencies to remove a dam that is eroding a citizen’s stream-bank and blocking fish migration to filing legal action against a permitted polluter who refuses to comply with their pollution permit. To date, we have filed legal action on over 5,500 violations of the Clean Water Act.

We also patrol the river from the sky thanks to free flights from volunteer pilots. From the sky, we can a different angle on an issue and cover a lot more area in less time.