NEW Redeye Bass Shirts Available!

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Check out these great redeye bass shirts designed by artist Richie Gudzan of Paddle Out for our second shirt in our series of Coosa River game fish. These great shirts are available for purchase for $25 (shipping included) here!

Read on to learn about why it’s important to Save the Skinny Water!

Close up of the back of the shirt:

SkinnyWater BACK

skinny water – \’skinē wä-tər \ – n. –

a shallow creek which often houses a diversity of fish,
mussels, snails & crawfish.

exampleHey buddy, let’s go fish some skinny water this weekend!
origin: Deep South, USA.

The skinny waters of the Coosa harbor dozens of unique species of fish like the redeye bass (Micropterus coosae). They are a member of the black bass family and while they don’t grow super large- the state record is 3 lbs., 2 oz.- they are every bit as beautiful as the skinny waters in which you find them!

Skinny waters on the Coosa are also home to the shoals spider-lily (usually called the Cahaba lily ’round these parts). The creeks that make up the skinny waters of the Coosa provide an abundance of fresh water to our lakes and take charge of the difficult task of protecting our native biodiversity which has been fragmented and altered by dams.

Saving the skinny water is vital to the health and future of the Coosa River, and that’s why we’re out there working to protect it. From removing abandoned dams, to monitoring water quality, and taking action against illegal pollution, there’s no shortage of work that must be done to save the skinny water! So help us keep up the good work with your purchase of one of these great tees!

$25 each, shipping included.