Lab Technician


The Lead Intern is  an individual with a strong attention to detail, passion for swimmable waters & strong communication skills to manage our Swim Guide Lab. This position will require 20 hours/week & availability is REQUIRED on Thursdays from 9-5 & Fridays from 9-2. This internship includes a summer stipend + weekly meal allowance + reimbursement of mileage on vehicle (if sampling or a work related trip). 


accepting APPLICATIONS starting in SPRING

It was wonderful to get to learn about a topic I was unfamiliar with in such a humble, open environment with people who were eager to teach me.

Ryder | Lead Swim Guide Intern 2018


Assisting the Program Manager in running the bacteria lab.  


Coordinating three sampling teams to ensure quality assurance is met with all samples. 


Calibrating field equipment weekly. 


Keeping up with data collected through the summer. 


Participating in outreach events at local restaurants. 


Researching & writing Blog Posts relating to swimmable waters.


Occasional water sampling



Strong attention to detail & organization


Availability on Thursdays 9-5 & Fridays from 9-2 throughout the summer. 


SOME availability on week nights. 


Ability to adhere to strict, but simple, Quality Control measures


Ability to lift and carry cooler full of ice, bend over to collect sample up to 30 times per day, and maintain a steady hand in the lab


Familiarity with Excel and ability to keep accurate records


Ability to teach others, strong communication skills. 


Willingness to drive your own car up to 400 miles per week to collect samples (mileage is reimbursed at a rate of approximately $0.54/mile, and typical weekly mileage for the Lead Intern will vary from 0 to 200 miles per week)


Commitment to the goal of improving water quality through citizen science