Issue 8: Winter 2015 Newsletter

It’s cold outside, but this newsletter is HOT off the press! 

In this issue:
Toxic Waste in the Coosa River
Coosa Canoe & Kayak Fishing Tournament
Welcome New Board Members
2014: By the Numbers

Thank you for your interest in our work and caring about the Coosa!

Your Friends in River Conservation,
Justinn & Frank

The Kiser Family is ready for the 2015 Coosa Canoe & Kayak Tournament


  1. Do you any information on the PBC levels found in Logan Martin Lake as far as food consumption of Crappie.
    I love to crappie fish but have been told that it is NOT safe to eat Crappie out of Logan Martin.
    Curt Simpson

    • Coosa Riverkeeper

      Hey Curt. A list of fish consumption advisories on the Coosa is on our website (link below). The Department of Public Health considers crappie in Logan Martin safe to eat. However, you should avoid consumption of all fish from Choccolocco Creek and avoid or limit consumption of striped bass and catfish from certain locations.

      • Many thanks & please keep me in mind if you need some volunteer work around the lake. Currently retired and I have some time to be able to help.

  2. Will do Curt! We’ve added you to our mailing list and our email list. Thanks for your interest in our work. We hope to see you on the lake sometime soon.

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