Game Fish Guide

Bass, catfish, bream, crappie… there’s all kinds of great game fish in the Coosa River that are both fun to catch and tasty to eat (check for fish consumption advisories first!). This Game Fish Guide aims to teach you the subtle differences so you’ll know ’em when you got ’em! Let’s get started!

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Bass are far and away the most popular game fish in the Coosa River. And, the Coosa River is world famous for it’s excellent bass fishing. We can break down the extensive bass family into two categories: Black Bass (including largemouth, spotted, and redeye) and Temperate Bass (including striped, white, and hybrid).


The three main catfish in the Coosa River are the blue, channel and flathead catfish. Catfish are the largest game fish in the Coosa River, and many would say the tastiest!

Longear SunfishBREAM

There are many kinds of bream beyond the most commonly known bluegill. While they’re all similarly shaped, their different colors make them pretty easy to tell apart.


Crappie are a very popular game fish. There are two types of crappie in the Coosa: black crappie and white crappie. They aren’t too different except their appearance.


The below diagram labels the parts of the fish most frequently used to aid in ID’ing in our Game Fish Guide.

Fish Diagram

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