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DISCLAIMER: The information provided in Fish Guide is for informational purposes only and is largely culled from third party sources. Some information is not available and some information may be inaccurate. Some businesses may have closed or changed ownership. 

PrintCoosa Canoe & Kayak Fishing Tournament

Each year we host a kayak fishing tournament trail on the Coosa River. The tournament uses a unique catch-photograph-release scoring format where fish that are caught are released back to the water right where they came from within a minute. Our judges score the fish from looking at pictures of the fish laying on rulers. Learn more at!

Air Quality & Your Health

In addition to fish advisories, we also recommend checking your local air quality on days when you plan to fish. Spending a long day fishing in bad air quality is bad for your health.

Future Work: We are seeking funding to sample fish from local fishermen we meet on the river for mercury and PCBs. We’ll tell the story of the fishermen, the advisories, and the results of the testing to create informative and compelling short films to raise awareness about this issue.