Fish Guide

Did you know there are 34 fish consumption advisories on the Coosa in Alabama as a result of PCB and mercury contamination? Though 91% of fishermen would heed these advisories, only 6% know what they are. The Coosa River Fish Guide offers all kinds of great information like this that every angler should know!

Find Your Way

The map below contains pins on all sorts of places of interest on the river! Scroll around to find what’s up in your neck of the woods. Fish icons indicate fish consumption advisories – make sure to see which ones apply in your area! Enjoy!

Want to add to our map? E-mail us at with what you’d like to see added!

Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational purposes only. The readings submitted by volunteers are not independently verified by Coosa Riverkeeper, Inc. Errors and inaccuracies are possible.  Locations of private businesses or public services are largely culled from third party sources. Inaccuracies are possible, and some locations may have closed, changed ownership or altered the services provided. Coosa Riverkeeper, Inc., its employees, agents, officers and volunteers make no guarantee to the accuracy of the data provided herein.


Follow our 3-step system to a fun and safe fishing trip on the Coosa! Click each image for more info!





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