All I Want To Do is Swim

“I’d rather swim than eat. I really would.” -The Moviegoer   I remember one of the first times my folks took me to Logan Martin. We had a small jon boat full of tackle and snacks for a long day of fishing. All I wanted to do is swim… all day…

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Getting to Know the Coosa, A Coosa Homecoming to Lake Mitchell

A Coosa Homecoming by Kristin Trowbridge-Alford It’s been nearly a year since my husband and I temporarily moved our family to Lake Mitchell, taking a reprieve from city life and giving our children an experience we pray they’ll never forget.  We had conjured a plan to sell our home in…

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Is It Safe to Swim?

Is it safe to swim? This was the most common question we received at Coosa Riverkeeper in our first four years, and one that an answer wasn’t readily available for. No one was regularly testing popular swimming areas to make sure it was safe to swim. So, we decided to…

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Our Summer Newsletter is Here!

Issue 14: Summer 2018 Newsletter CLICK HERE to read the full newsletter! In this Issue: An Overview of the 2018 Swim Guide program including a site list broken down by lakes and tributaries How Alabama Bacteria Standards Inform our Swim Guide Alerts Temp Track is a Wrap + Average Spring…

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What’s the Deal with Swim Club?

What is Swim Club? Swim Club is all about community. River don’t care care of themselves, y’all. They rely on good-hearted folks like you and me to care for them… so your favorite swimmin’ holes aren’t full of beer cans, tires, and even… E.coli. We started Swim Club last summer…

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What is a Watershed?

Take a look at where you are standing. No matter where you are in the world, you are a part of a watershed. If you are in Alabama right now, you are most likely standing in one of the most biologically diverse watersheds in the country. Watersheds can be tricky…

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Cast An Impact: Lay Lake Clean-Up

Join Coosa Riverkeeper & UAB School of Public Health for a day of service on Saturday, November 14th at Beeswax Creek Park on Lay Lake! Sign up for the Clean Up HERE. Learn more about the event HERE.

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What You’ve Helped Us Accomplish in 2014

People like YOU make our work possible!  Each time we launch our boat, grab a water sample, or speak to a civic group… you’re there with us in spirit! The Coosa River has a head and a mouth, but no voice. Coosa Riverkeeper is the voice of the Coosa River, speaking on its behalf.…

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Road to CukoRakko Series: August 30 – October 5

We are so excited to join forces with CukoRakko Music & Arts Festival & Avondale Brewing Company to raise awareness about the importance of the Coosa River and how it provides for us! Over the next two months, we will benefit from the Road to CukoRakko Series and hope you’ll come join…

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Fleets, Quarries, and Fishing for Answers


Issue 7: Summer 2014 Newsletter

Click here to read about the newest addition to our fleet, information on proposed White Rock Quarries in Vincent, the history of the River Legend the Laura Moore, and our Clean Fish, Healthy Communities program- addressing fish consumption advisories on the Coosa!

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               Summer 2014 Newsletter