2021 Swim Guide Intern Opportunities

Coosa Riverkeeper is currently accepting applications
for our 2021 Swim Guide Interns!

For your application to be considered, please fill out the application below and send us a resume. Applications without a resume will not be considered for any position.  Please submit your resume to us electronically at [email protected] Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Deadline to apply is February 25th, phone interviews will take place in March, and positions will be filled by April.

Field Technician (4-6 slots available):


The Field Technician (FT) has an overall responsibility for the collection of water quality samples in the field while ensuring that the samples collected adhere to our strict QA/QC standards. The FT manages their specific route sample collection as well as the water quality data recorded. The FT needs a deep understanding of the community need and how this program addresses that need. Additionally, the FT supports the Coosa Riverkeeper team in outreach events, communications, and efforts as needed. 

Outreach Intern (1 position available):


The Outreach Intern (OI) supports the public education, marketing, and awareness for the Coosa River Swim Guide. The OI creates exciting and engaging social media content for 500,000 unique users. The OI assists the Development Coordinator with various tasks to educate the public about the science behind Swim Guide and why the program is worthy of their support. Additionally, OI provides crucial support with the implementation of the popular Watering Hole Series, where our organization partners with local establishments to raise money and awareness about our work all summer long. As a OI, you are expected to be creative, engaged, and outgoing. 

Lab Technician & Assistant (2 total positions available)

The Laboratory Technician and Lab Assistant (LT/LA) has an overall responsibility for management and maintenance of the laboratory and weekly water quality testing for the Swim Guide. The LT/LA manages all data points for 44 sites over the course of 16 weeks. The LT/LA also assists the Program Coordinator and Staff Riverkeeper with tasks and bacteriological studies to better educate the public about the science behind Swim Guide. Additionally, LT/LA provides crucial support with outreach and communications about the data itself. As a LT/LA, you are expected to make informed decisions in the lab while also adhering to strict QA/QC protocol.