The Coosa Valley, rich in aquatic biodiversity and natural beauty, is the one of the most developed rivers in Alabama – The River State. From its headwaters in Georgia and Tennessee the Coosa flows to Alabama where a series of impoundments cover the magnificent shoals that so famously dominated the Coosa in the steamboat era. Those impoundments created six large lakes that are a major part of life on the Coosa and where tens of thousands of people live in lake homes, fish and swim.

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There are six major lakes on the Coosa River, each very popular and beloved. From upstream to downstream those lakes are Weiss, Neely Henry, Logan Martin, Lay, Mitchell and Jordan. Each lake has its own unique character, but they are all connected; Weiss Lake flows into Lake Neely Henry and so on. 


The connection between the lakes is so important to the work that we do. The flow of water, nutrients, and pollution is what binds them, and us, all together and requires that we see each lake as a part of the bigger picture, a swimmable, drinkable & fishable Coosa River.   

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